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Interstate 68

Interstate 68 is an interstate highway in the United States. It runs from Morgantown, West Virginia at Interstate 79 to Hancock, Maryland at Interstate 70.

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1 Number of Miles
2 Major Cities along the route
3 Intersections with other Interstates
4 Notes

Number of Miles


Major Cities along the route

Intersections with other Interstates


The main reason for Interstate 68's construction was to create, in conjunction with Interstate 79 between Morgantown and
Washington, Pennsylvania, a free bypass for the I-70 portion of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

A 340 foot deep cut in the top of Sideling Hill was made to allow the highway to pass through six miles west of Hancock. This exposed a syncline, a trough-shaped fold in the rock of Sideling Hill. An exhibit center was built at the site, and it opened in 1991. This cut is one of the most impressive rock exposures in the northeastern United States.

Some highway mavens want to extend I-68 west of its current terminus to Cincinnati, Ohio, but it is unlikely that this will happen.