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Interstate 10

Interstate 10 is an interstate highway in the southern United States. It stretches from Santa Monica, California at the Pacific Ocean to Jacksonville, Florida at Interstate 95. A sign in Santa Monica near its western terminal at the Pacific Coast Highway calls it The Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Freeway. I-310 and I-510 are parts of what was slated to be I-410 and act as a southern bypass of New Orleans, Louisiana. I-610 is a shortcut from the eastern to western portion of New Orleans avoiding the I-10's detour into the New Orleans central business district.

I-12 between Baton Rouge and I-59 near the Louisiana Mississippi border is actually a shorter route than I-10 between those same points, since I-10 dips to the south to go through New Orleans. Those traveling from or to Baton Rouge and points west to or from the Mississippi Louisiana border and points east who do not wish to detour into New Orleans should leave I-10 and take I-12 for its entire route until it again meets with I-10.

I-10 around the North and East sides of downtown Phoenix, Arizona was slated to be named I-410 and I-10.

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Major Cities Along the Route (from West to East)

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