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Humbert II of Savoy

With the name of Humbert II of Savoy are known two famous members of the Savoy dynasty. The first was Humbert II the Fat, of whom this page is about, the other one is Humbert II king of Italy Il Re di Maggio.

Humbert II, surnamed the Fat, was Count of Savoy from 1080 until his death in 1103.

He was married to Gisla or Gisela of Burgundy, daughter of William the Great of Burgundy and Stephany de Longwy, and had 4 children:

  1. Amedeo
  2. William, Bishop of Liege
  3. Adelaide, (d. 1154), married to Louis VI of France
  4. Agnes, (d. 1127), married to Arcimboldo VI (Archibald VI in English ?) of Burgundy

Preceded by:
Amedeo II
House of Savoy Succeeded by:
Amedeo III