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Louis VI of France

Louis VI, the Fat, king of France: 1108 to 1137

A member of the Capetian Dynasty, Louis was born in Paris on December 1, 1081, son of Philippe I of France, and Bertha of Holland (1055-1094).

He married in 1104: 1) Lucienne de Rochefort - the marriage was annulled.

In 1115 he married in 1115 2) Adélaide de Maurienne (c.1100-1154)

Almost all of his 29 year reign was spent fighting either the "robber barons" who plagued Paris, or the English. Nonetheless, King Louis managed to reinforce his power considerably and endeared himself to the working classes of France.

Louis VI died on August 1, 1137 and is interred in Saint Denis Basilica.

He was succeeded on the throne by his son Louis VII.


Preceded by:
Philip I
List of French monarchs Succeeded by:
Louis VII