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Hubris is exaggerated pride or self-confidence often resulting in retribution. It is a common theme in Greek tragedies and mythology, whose stories often featured protagonists suffering from hubris and subsequently being punished by the gods for it. The word carries the connotation of the perpetrator comparing him/herself as equal to or greater than a/the god/ess/es.

There was also a god called Hubris (or Hybris), the personification of the above concept, insolence, lack of restraint and instinct. He spent most of his time among mortals.

Greek mythological characters punished for their hubris:

  1. Arachne
  2. Bellerophon
  3. Chione
  4. Cinyras
  5. Ephialtes
  6. Iasion
  7. Marsyas
  8. Niobe
  9. Otus
  10. Salmoneus
  11. Thamyris