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Hot dog

This hot dog has ketchup on it.

A hot dog is a type of sausage or alternatively a sandwich containing the meat in a long bun. Also called a frankfurter or, in America, a wiener or tube steak. Hot dogs are eaten with a wide variety of condiments, a few of which are ketchup, mustard, sauerkraut, pickle relish, chopped onions and chili (referred to as a "chili dog").

Hot dogs are made of all beef or a mixture of beef and pork. (Some are also made of chicken or turkey.) After seasoning, curing and smoking, they are usually sold with the casing removed. They can be grilled, steamed or boiled before serving. Regular hot dogs are 6 inches in length (15 cm). Twelve inch (30 cm) hot dogs are popular in some regions.

Scandinavia, especially Denmark, is famous for its hot dogs.

Hot dogs are the most consumed sausage in America.


The invention of the hot dog, like the hamburger and ice cream cone, is often attributed to the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair. However, similar sausages were made and consumed in Europe, particularly in Germany, as early as 64 A.D., and the earliest example of a hot dog bun dates to New York City in the 1860s.

The hot dog's association with baseball also predates the 1904 World's Fair--St. Louis Browns owner Chris Von der Ahe sold them at his ballpark in the 1880s.

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Hot Dog is also the name of Jughead Jones' pet dog.

Hot Dog is also a piece of web-editing software.

A hot dog is also a show off that performs dangerous stunts to attract attention to himself. The origin of this usage from around 1900 and relationship to the food item are unknown.