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Mustard refers to: It is a yellow or yellow-brown paste, with a sharp taste. A strong mustard can cause the eyes to water, and produces a sensation of heat on the palate and in the nose. Many different varieties exist; with variations in the spices, and in the preparation of the mustard seeds. For example, whole grain mustard retains some of the unground mustard seeds.

Mustard is most often used as a condiment on meat, especially cold meats such as ham; the French like strong Dijon mustard with steak. It is also used as an ingredient in mayonnaise and vinaigrette. There are many varieties of mustard, which vary in strength and flavour. Places known for their mustard include Dijon (strong) and Meaux in France, and Norwich in the UK.

In the USA mustard is often used as a condiment in combination with ketchup. Plochman's is a popular brand in the United States.

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