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Jughead Jones

Forsythe Pendleton "Jughead" Jones is a fictional character in Archie Comics, first appearing in December, 1941. Though his full name is given as Forsythe Pendleton Jones, he rarely uses it and is better known by his nick-name Jughead Jones, or simply as Jughead to his friends. He is the son of Timothy and Gladys Jones. He has a younger sister Forsythia "Jellybean" Jones.

Jughead is the weird one of Archie's social circle. He loves wearing a gray hat in the shape of a crown, he avoids girls, and he loves to outwit Reggie Mantle and above all, to eat. Despite the fact Jughead's stomach is always hungry, he never gains an ounce of weight.

As a consequence of his eating habits, Jughead is also a preferred customer of most of Riverdale's food establishments, especially Pop Tate's Chocolat Shoppe, and a very respected food critic.

Jones is Archie's best friend.

He is also the star of a popular Archie magazine spin-off, Jughead Magazine.

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