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Hermann Zapf

Hermann Zapf (born in Nuremberg, Germany on November 8, 1918) is a prolific German typeface designer. He is married to calligrapher and typeface designer Gudrun Zapf von Hesse.

Zapf's work has suffered the two-edged sword of veneration, as his designs, which include Palatino and Optima, have been perhaps the most widely admired – and widely-pirated – of any. (The well-known Book Antiqua shipped with Microsoft programs is a "knockoff" of Palatino.)

Some of Hermann Zapf's typefaces include: Aldus, Aurelia, Edison, Kompakt, Marconi, Medici Script, Melior, Michelangelo, Optima, Palatino, Saphir, Vario, ITC Zapf Book, ITC Zapf International, Sistina, ITC Zapf Chancery, ITC Zapf Dingbats, Zapf Renaissance Antiqua, and Zapfino.

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