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Helsinki Metropolitan Area

The Helsinki Metropolitan Area is a very close combination of cities, which form the largest urbanized area in Finland. The Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council (Yhteistyövaltuuskunta/Huvudstadsregionens samarbetsdelegation) which is subordinated to the Regional Council serves as the co-operation agency of the area.

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The Metropolitan Area covers four municipalities: (Swedish names in parentesis.)


The Metropolitan Council used €155.6 millions in 2002 and its income was €160.3 millions. Traffic and waste management make up 97% of it's expenditure. About 70% of the income consist of customer fees for public transports and waste management.


The mission of the Metropolitan Council is to improve the capital area's development by high quality public transports, waste management and air protection. In addition a "development planning unit" has the purpose to increase cooperation between the four town-administrations involved, particularly regarding planning of land use.

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