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Espoo (Esbo in Swedish) is a city on the Southern coast of Finland sharing a boundary with Helsinki to its east and Vantaa to its north. Together with Kauniainen (which is very small, and entirely enclosed by Espoo) these form the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The town has a church dating back to the 15th Century. Other bordering municipalities are Nurmijärvi and Vihti in the north and Kirkkonummi in the west. Espoo with its population of about 220,000 is the second biggest city of the metropolitan area (and indeed of Finland).

Espoo is divided to the following areas: Espoon keskus, Espoonlahti, Kalajärvi, Kauklahti, Leppävaara, Matinkylä-Olari, and Tapiola.

Espoo contains the Helsinki University of Technology and the telecommunications firm Nokia has its headquarters here, as do many other international firms.

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