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Harvey Spencer Lewis

Harvey Spencer Lewis F.R.C., S..I.., 336695, Ph.D. (born November 25, 1883 in Frenchtown, New Jersey - died August 2, 1939), a famous Rosicrucian mysticist, was the founder and the first Imperator of AMORC, from 1915 until 1939.

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The second AMORC Imperator was his son, Ralph Maxwell Lewis, who also wrote a biography for him titled Cosmic Mission Fulfilled (ISBN 0912057904 for paperback, ISBN 091205722X for hardcover).

He was also one of the three Imperators of FUDOSI and his nomen mysticum was Sar Alden.

Before becoming Imperator of AMORC, H. Spencer Lewis was a businessman.

His wife was Martha. They were married at least from 1937. Martha travelled with Lewis at Egypt during the AMORC Grand Tour of Egypt (see Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum and [1]).

He also founded the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum.

In the past Harvey Spencer Lewis had a radio station broadcasting from the Rosicrucian Park, and he was also speaking at other radio stations.


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Note 1: F.R.C. is a Rosicrucian title.
Note 2: S..I.. is a Martinist title.
Note 3: 336695 are Freemasonry degrees.