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FUDOSI or FUDOESI (Federation Universelle Des Ordres et Societes Initiatiques in French, Federatio Universalis Dirigens Ordines Societatesque Initiationis in Latin), founded on August 14, 1934 in Brussels (Belgium), was a federation of autonomous esoteric orders and societies.

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2 The Nature of FUDOSI
3 Organised Conventions
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6 Position of the FUDOSI towards Masonry
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FUDOSI was an attempt to create a federation of all true mystical orders and protect themselves and the people from frauds. Its mission was "to protect the sacred liturgies, rites and doctrines of the traditional initiatory Orders from being appropriated and profaned by clandestine organizations" (FUDOSI journal, November 1946).

AMORC (Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis) was approved by FUDOSI. There was always a close cooperation between AMORC and FUDOSI.

SAR, a title which means Son of Ra or Son Altesse Royale (His Royal Highness), was attached to all dignitaries of FUDOSI.

FUDOSI finally dissolved in 1951 after disagreements between its members.

There was also a similar organization, hostile to FUDOSI, named FUDOFSI.

The Nature of FUDOSI

In the following quote you can read more information about the nature of FUDOSI:

"Some persons, whose minds have not as yet received sufficient light, have been wondering why it was necessary to gather in a Universal Federation. The Initiatique Orders and Societies, which, in their own field of work, enjoy the most absolute and complete freedom and perfect autonomy and independence. To this query we may reply that , more than in anything else, it is the initiatique work that the greatest vigilance is indispensable and that a strict and active international discipline must be exercised. We must acknowledge and regret, that there exist many false prophets and a number of so-called initiates who use, for selfish and tyrannical purposes of domination, the pretext of initiation to thrust themselves on, and exploit, gullible and sincere persons. It was high time to warn the public against these false leaders and against noxious doctrines which they taught to trusting souls. In each country, each authentic and regular Order knows its imitators and such false prophets. It was necessary to watch these clandestine movements, to expose these impostors or instruments of hidden and unavowed forces, in all countries, wherever they be operating, and thus avoid any confusion between the regular and authentic Orders and false Organizations that are harmful or that give teachings that have nothing to do with the Universal Tradition and Esoterism. And also it was necessary that the authentic Orders be careful in selecting their members and their officers and in maintaining their adepts and students on the right path of the true doctrines, obliging them to follow a strict line of discipline, rational, sincere and conscientious work, so as to avoid radical teachings and heterodoxy. This immense work which was intended to protect the Orders against their inner and outer enemies has been successfully carried on by the F.U.D.O.S.I. and is now going on." ("F.U.D.O.S.I., the." 1946 San Jose, AMORC)

Organised Conventions

During its existence, FUDOSI organised eight conventions: The 8th convention ended on August 14, 1951.

Leadership and Organisation

After the first organised convention in 1934, 12 Members were chosen to form the Supreme Council, led by 3 Imperators: H. S. Lewis (Sar Alden) created the symbol of FUDOSI.

In 1946 a member of FUDOSI named Andre Cordonnier became one of its Imperators.

After H. S. Lewis' death in 1939, his son Ralph Maxwell Lewis became one of the three Imperators of FUDOSI and his name was Sar Validivar.

Associated Organisations

Here is a list of the orders and societies represented on the first FUDOSI convention of 1934: ORDRE MACONNIQUE ORIENTAL DE MEMPHIS-MISRAIM (STRICTE OBSERVANCE) and the MIXED ORDER OF MEMPHIS-MIZRAIM, the only Masonic organizations associated with FUDOSI, were expelled according to a decision taken by the three Imperators (Lewis, Dantinne, Blanchard) on August 1, 1935.

Position of the FUDOSI towards Masonry

A document by FUDOSI titled "Rapport sur les ordres et sociιtιs initiatiques. 12/10/1941", written by FUDOSI Imperator Emille Dantinne, states:

"In 1934, at the time of the foundation of the F.U.D.O.S.I., Freemasonry was condemned by the attending Orders as an atheistic organization and no Masonic Order would be admitted to the federation. One exception was made in favour of the Antient Rite of Memhis-Misraim, which was recognized as a spiritual Order not recognized by the other Masonic Obediences. But the admission turned out to be an error."

Later in the document we read:

"... no collaboration is possible between the F.U.D.O.S.I. and any masonic rite or order. In 1935, the leaders of the F.U.D.O.S.I. excluded the only masonic order within their ranks. They even forced their members to break all their ties to masonry, under penalty of exclusion (with the exception of Mr.Wittemans, who remained a member of a masonic organization)."

It is unknown whether these views were exclusive to Emille Dantinne or held by more FUDOSI members. It should be noted that Emille Dantinne wrote many questionable documents, including statements against the Jews and Democracy. It is said that he was strongly opposed to the Liberal movement. However, similar rumors exist about Harvey Spencer Lewis.

The End of FUDOSI

After the end of the 8th convention (August 14, 1951) FUDOSI dissolved after strong disagreements between Emile Dantinne and Ralph M. Lewis. The 8th convention ended after Ralph M. Lewis criticized Jean Mallinger (Sar Elgrim), a FUDOSI dignitary, for having a "problem" with AMORC for its admission of Afro-American members.

The three Imperators signed an official document that marked the end of FUDOSI, which is reproduced below:


Federatio Universalis Dirigens Ordines Societatesque Initiationis


Cathedra Fratris Magni Cancellarii. Valle Bruxellense (Belgia)

---------- XIVa.Aug.

die MCLMLI. Verae Lucis

Liberi Matricularis

Numerus: ulitmus. bus

Fratri Carissimbe: omnium Ordinum


Considering that, on August 14th. of 1934, the delegates of various Initiatic Orders and Societies decided to create an Universal Federation of Initiatic Orders and Societies (F.U.D.O.S.I) ; Considering that said Federation had an helpful activity, grouped some isolated Initiatic movements, exposed some impostors of the Initiatic domain and organised the interantional initatic work ; Considering that the Federation granted to each one of its affiliated members complete independence with regard to its administrative and doctrinal work ; Considering that it appeared, in the long run, and particularly at a recent date, that some of the affiliated Orders were teaching different doctrines in the same country(for instance : for, or against cremation); that their conceptions of true Initiation and its secrecy appeared contradictory to, or incompatible with, each other ; that this is impossible to conciliate these conceptions and to avoid doctrinal or historical debate between the Orders ; Considering that, in the higher interest of Initiation, it is not desirable to bring these disagreements before public opinion which is incompetent in such matters or to transform the Federation into a Law-Court of Initiation ; that it is prefereable to admit loyally and in a friendly manner that it is impossible to unify or harmonize opposite teachings, the representative of the Orders who freely created the Federation in Burssels, in 1934, decide to freely dissolve it now ;


It is unanimously decided that ;

1.-The F.U.D.O.S.I. is dissolved on the day, 14th.of August 1951 ;

2.-Each and every one of the affiliated movements will maintain the initiatic autonomy and independence, without being bound in whatsoever manner to the other Orders ;

3.-None of the Orders previously affiliated to the F.U.D.O.S.I. will be allowed to reconstitute it without a written agreement signed by the Orders founders [?] or may take advantage of it in the future ;

4.-The present declaration will be published by the various Orders in their own publications without any commentary.

Brussels, the 14th.of August 1951.

/Sar Elgim/ with org. and sigil /Sar Hieronymous/ with org. and sigil /Validivar/ with sigil

/RM Lewis/ SI sigil

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