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Guerrilla marketing warfare strategies

Guerrilla marketing warfare strategies are strategies designed to wear-down the enemy by a long series of minor attacks. Rather than engage in major battles, a guerrilla force is divided into small groups that selectively attacks the target at its weak points. To be effective, guerrilla teams must be able to hide between strikes. They can disappear into the remote countryside, or blend into the general population. The general form of the strategy is: Attack . . . Retreat . . . Hide . . . Attack . . . Retreat. . . Hide . . . Attack . . . etc. It has been said that “Guerrilla forces never win wars, but their adversaries often lose them”.


The main strengths of guerrilla strategies are :

Guerrilla marketing involves

In the business arena, this involves : It can also involve choosing a modest market segment, geographical territory, or niche and defending it.

No matter how successful the guerrilla becomes, he/she should never act like a market leader. A guerrilla marketer must be flexible. They must be able to change tactics very quickly : this includes abandoning a market segment, product, product line, brand, business model, or objective. Guerrillas are not ashamed to make a strategic withdrawal.

The strategy is suitable when:

The term Guerrilla marketing is sometimes used to refer simply to the use of unorthodox marketing tactics.

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