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Government Warehouse

In conspiracy theories, urban legends, and several fictional stories, the Government Warehouse is a reportedly fictional warehouse where the United States Government (sometimes, in conjuction with other governments as part of the new world order) has hidden everything that people are not to know about. The exact location of this supposed warehouse is unknown and it may have several locations. The British Government Warehouse, the Vatican Warehouse, the Soviet Government Warehouse, and the Japanese Government Warehouse may be part of a network of the original United States Government Warehouse, according to some conspiracy theorists. (Some sources have these as a subdivision in the original United States Government Warehouse.)

The warehouse is supposedly comprised of a secret organization whose members are sworn to secrecy and do not disclose their membership, location, nor the operations. The Government Warehouse allegedly contains everything that fell into government hands and was never seen again. The Government Warehouse also allegedly includes things that individuals claim exist but the Government has decided to hide away, such as suppressed inventions. It has been alleged to be located in a fish processing and packaging plant, United States Government surplus warehouse, and the World Trade Center.

In the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Government Warehouse was the storage place of the Ark of the Covenant. The first episode of the War of the Worlds television series has Martian war machines from the first invasion attempt stored in the Government Warehouse.

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