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George Gobel

George Leslie Gobel (May 20, 1919 - February 24, 1991) was an American comedian, born in Chicago, Illinois, and known as Lonesome George. He appeared on the American Barn Dance on WLS radio, and also in several movies. He hosted his own weekly television show in 1954, and in later years appeared regularly on Hollywood Squares. For decades he was a frequent guest star on many TV shows as well as on The Tonight Show during the years Johnny Carson was its host.

His comedy routines were mainly humorous stories about things that had supposedly happened to him (and his wife "Alice"), and they often involved word play, such as spoonerisms ("in one swell foop"). He also played harmonica.

George Gobel is interred in the San Fernando Mission Cemetery in Mission Hills, Los Angeles, California.

The giant turtle Lonesome George was named after him.