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Gavoi is a beautiful village in central Sardinia, district of Nuoro, perhaps the most important town of Barbagia. Spectacular position among huge hills and woods, it faces the fascinating Lake of Gusana. Close to the lake (that contains a roman bridge now immersed) are archaeological areas of Orrui and San Michele di Fonni.

Gavoi was a very ancient hebrew colony (4th century?) and in 17th century was repopulated by Tuscan carbon-makers.

Romanic church of San Gavino is Gavoi's main sacre point, 8 other ancient churches in the village. Very beautiful ancient center with rock houses, all balconies with flowers. Spectacular fountains as "Antana 'e Cartzonna".

In the surroundings the Sanctuary of Madonna d'Itria, with peculiar horse competitions (very similar to Sienna's Palio, yet more dangerous). Once a year, on latest Sunday of July, all emigrates come back to their town for the celebrations of Madonna d'Itria, ancient bizantine cult.

Economy: agriculture (very famous "pecorino" cheese and potatoes), financial trading.

Traditions: music: "tumbarinu", traditional drums in dog or donkey skin. "ballu tundu", traditional dance in round schemes as in Balcan area.

poetry: on-the-fly rhymes competitions on assigned arguments.

Very friendly people, hospitality and entertainment masters.

Cartzonna is a neighborhood in Gavoi, with a splendid road fountain.