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Gang of Four

In Chinese history, The Gang of Four (四人帮 Pinyin si4 ren2 bang1) was a group of Communist politicians based in Shanghai. They were strong supporters of the Cultural Revolution. See Gang of Four (China).

In British history, The Gang of Four were the four leading members of the Labour Party who left the party to found the rival Social Democratic Party in 1981. These were Shirley Williams, William Rodgers, Roy Jenkins and David Owen. The party was intended to 'break the mould' of adversarial British politics. It eventually merged with the Liberal Party.

In British music, Gang of Four is a rock band. See Gang of Four (band).

In software engineering, The Gang of Four (or GoF) are Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson and John Vlissides, authors of the seminal book, Design Patterns.

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