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Flagstaff House

The Flagstaff House is located in Hong Kong Park, in Central, Hong Kong. It is the oldest colonial-style building remaining in the Special Administrative Region. It houses the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware.

The building is a popular place for Chinese wedding photographs.

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The Flagstaff House was completed in 1846 and initially served as the military headquarters office and residence of the Commander of the British forces in Hong Kong. It was occupied by Japanese troops during World War II, and was thereafter again the Commander's residence.

Museum of Tea Ware

In 1984, the Flagstaff House was converted into the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware, a branch museum of the Hong Kong Museum of Art. The museum specializes in the collection, study and display of tea ware, including many examples of the Yixing teapot, from China's Jiangsu Province.

A new wing, the K.S. Lo Gallery, was added in 1995. It is named after a local collector, which made a donation to the city in the 1970s. This donation now constitutes the core of the museum's collection. The new gallery contains a collection of ceramics and Chinese seals.

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