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A teapot is a vessel in which to brew tea leaves with boiling water, either inside a tea bag or loose, in which case a tea strainer will be needed to catch the leaves when the tea is poured.. Teapots usually have an opening on the top with lid where the tea and water are added, and a spout through which the tea can be poured. A small hole in the top of the lid is necessary to stop the spout dripping when poured.

Which Teapot?

Teapots vary largely in design and purpose. Black teas are best brewed in a stoneware teapot, while stronger teas such as Assam and Ceylon are best brewed in pewter, iron or silver teapots. Lighter teas such as Darjeeling and green teas are suited to porcelain and fine china teapots.

You should not use the same teapot for very different teas - herbal and very strong smoky teas, for example.

Teapot Care

Teapots should never be washed in a dishwasher or soapy water. They should be rinsed with warm water and left upside down to dry. To remove build-up of tannin in a glazed teapot you can use boiling water and a couple teaspoons of baking soda, and leave overnight. The layer of tannin in an unglazed teapot can be left, as it will enhance the flavour without flaking off as would happen if the pot were glazed.