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Emperor Yuan of Jin China

zh-cn:晋元帝 zh-tw:晉元帝

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Emperor Yuan of Jin China, (276 or 277-January 3, 323) was an emperor of the Jin Dynasty (265-420) and the first of the Eastern Jin Dynasty.

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Personal information

Family name Sima (司馬 py. Sīmǎ) in Chinese
Given name Rui (睿 py. Ru)
Era names Jianwu (建武 Jinwǔ) 317-318
Daxing (大興 Dxīng) 318-322
Yongchang (永昌 Yǒngchǎng) 322-323
Father Sima Jin, titled Prince Gong of Longya
Mother (ne) Xiahou Guangji (夏侯光姬) (d.307 or 308)
Wife (ne) Yu Mengmu (虞孟母) (278 or 279-312 or 313), revered Queen Jing (敬皇后, literary meaning: the respected queen) and childless
Major concubines [ne] Xun (荀氏) (d.335 or 336), revered Lady of Yuzhang (Commandry) (豫章君) and mother of Emperor Ming
Children Emperor Ming of Jin China and Emperor Jianwen of Jin China
Duration of reign March 29, 317 to January 3, 323
Tomb Jianping Tomb ch. 建平陵, believed to be near Nanjing
Temple name 中宗, py. Zhōngzōng, literary meaning: "middle ancestor"
Courtesy name 景文, py. Jǐngwn, literay meaning: "admirable and literary"
Posthumous name 元, py. Yun, literary meaning: "original"

Preceded by:
Emperor Min
Jin Dynasty (265-420) Succeeded by:
Emperor Ming