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Emperor Min of Jin China

zh-cn:晋愍帝 zh-tw:晉愍帝

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Emperor Min of Jin China, Simplified Chinese character 晋愍帝, Traditional Chinese character 晉愍帝, Pinyin. Jn Mǐnd, Wade-Giles Chin Min-ti (300 or 301-February 7, 318) was an emperor of the Jin Dynasty (265-420) and the last of the Western Jin Dynasty.

Emperor Min surrendered in 316 to Liu Yao, ruler of the Hunnic state of Former Zhao, and was later murdered in 318.

Personal information

Family name Sima (司馬 py. Sīmǎ) in Chinese
Given name Ye (鄴 py. Y)
Era names Jianxing (建興 Jinxīng) 313-317
Father Sima Yan, Prince Xiao of Wu
Major concubines
Duration of reign June 7,313 to December 11, 316
Temple name
Courtesy name ch. 彦旗, py. Ynq, wg. Yen-ch`i
Posthumous name 孝愍 (py. Xiomǐn), literary meaning: "filial" and "pitiful"
Posthumous name in short 愍 (py. Mǐn), literary meaning: "pitiful"

Preceded by:
Emperor Huai
Jin Dynasty (265-420) Succeeded by:
Emperor Yuan