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Emperor Jing of Han China

Format of naming convention in English is under discussion at Wikipedia talk:Naming conventions (Chinese).

Emperor Jing of Han China, ch 漢景帝, py. hn jĭng d, wg. Han Jing-ti, (188 BC - 141 BC) was an emperor of the Chinese Han Dynasty.

Personal information

Family name Liu (劉 li) in Chinese
Given name Qi (啟 qĭ) in Chinese
Era name Zhongyuan (中元 zhōng yan) 149 BC-143 BC
Houyuan (後元 hu yan) 143 BC-141 BC
Father Emperor Wen of Han China (fifth son of)
Mother Empress Dou
Wives Empress Bo (d. 150 BC)
Empress Wang
Major concubines consort Li
consort Cheng
consort Deng
consort Wang
Children 14 sons, all made wangs
Duration of reign 156 BC-141 BC
Temple name
Courtesy name
Posthumous name 孝景 (py. xio jĭng), literary meaning: "filial and admirable"
Posthumous name in short 景 (py. jĭng), literary meaning: "admirable"

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Preceded by:
Emperor Wen of Han China
Western Han Dynasty Succeeded by:
Emperor Wu of Han China