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Elizabeth Taylor

This article is about the actress. There is also an article about the novelist of the same name.

Dame Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor (born February 27, 1932), known also as Liz Taylor, is a American actress born in Hampstead, London, England. She is famed for her film work which won her an Academy Award, her multiple marriages (notably twice to the Welsh actor Richard Burton) and from the 1990s on for her charity fundraising.

Elizabeth Taylor was the daughter of Francis Lenn Taylor (1897-1968) and Sara Taylor (née Sara Viola Warmbrodt, 1896-1994). Her parents, an art dealer and a former stage actress, were American. She has an elder brother, Howard, and was named for her paternal grandmother, Elizabeth Taylor (née Elizabeth Mary Rosemond).

At the age of three she began taking ballet lessons, and played in her first movie at the age of nine. Her first major role was as the lead in Clarence Brown's film National Velvet, in which a young girl, Velvet Brown, played by Taylor, trains a horse to win the Grand National.

She attended University High School in Los Angeles, California and received her high school diploma on January 26, 1950.

Taylor has devoted much time and energy to AIDS-related charities.

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Elizabeth Taylor received an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1960 for Butterfield 8 and in 1966 for Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. She was made a Dame of the British Empire in 1999 and was a Kennedy Center Honoree in 2002.



1942 There's One Born Every Minute
1943 Lassie Come Home
1944 Jane Eyre, The White Cliffs of Dover, National Velvet
1946 Courage of Lassie
1947 Life with Father, Cynthia
1948 A Date with Judy, Julia Misbehaves
1949 Little Women, Conspirator


1950 The Big Hangover, Father of the Bride
1951 Quo Vadis, Father's Little Dividend
1951 A Place in the Sun, Callaway Went Thataway
1952 Love Is Better Than Ever, Ivanhoe
1953 The Girl Who Had Everything
1954 Rhapsody, Elephant Walk
1954 Beau Brummell, The Last Time I Saw Paris
1956 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood, City of Stars, Giant
1957 Raintree County, Operation Raintree
1958 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
1959 Suddenly, Last Summer


1960 Butterfield 8, Scent of Mystery
1962 Lykke og krone
1963 Cleopatra, The V.I.P.s
1964 On the Trail of the Iguana
1965 The Sandpiper, The Love Goddesses, The Big Sur
1966 Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf
1967 La Bisbetica domata, Reflections in a Golden Eye, The Comedians, Doctor Faustus, The Comedians in Africa
1968 Around the World of Mike Todd, Boom, Secret Ceremony, On Location: 'Where Eagles Dare'
1969 Anne of the Thousand Days


1970 The Only Game in Town
1972 Zee and Co, Hammersmith Is Out
1973 Night Watch, Ash Wednesday, Under Milk Wood
1974 The Driver's Seat, That's Entertainment
1976 The Blue Bird, That's Entertainment, Part II
1977 A Little Night Music
1979 Winter Kills


1980 The Mirror Crack'd
1981 Genocide
1983 Montgomery Clift
1985 North and South
1988 Il Giovane Toscanini


1994 The Flintstones
1997 The Fifties
1999 The Visit

In addition to her movies, she has also appeared in a number of TV series, including General Hospital, All My Children, and The Simpsons (as the voice of Maggie).

Marriages and Children

Elizabeth Taylor has been married eight times:

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