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Edmund Andros

Sir Edmund Andros (December 6, 1637-February 24, 1714), colonial governor, was the son of Amice Andros, Seigneur of Sausmarez.

Andros served as governor of New York (1674-1681), New England (1686-89), Virginia (1692-97), Maryland (1693-94), and Guernsey (1704-06). Andros was not a popular governor, and at one point was placed under arrest and shipped back to England.

As the head of the dominion of New England, Andros angered the colonists of Puritanical Boston by openly affiliating with the Church of England. They were also angered by his noisy, sinning soldiers. Andros curbed town meetings, restricted popular assemblies, and heavily taxed people without their representatives' consent. After limiting the colonists' liberties even further by suppressing smuggling and enforcing the Navigation Laws, the colonists inspired by the Glorious Revolution mobbed the Boston headquarters and shipped him back to England.

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