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Earl of Longford

The title Earl of Longford was first bestowed upon Francis Aungier in 1677. His brother Ambrose Aungier succeeded him and died without an heir. Their niece, Elizabeth Cuffe, married Thomas Pakenham in 1739 and in 1756 he was created Baron of Longford. On Thomas' death in 1766 their son, Edward Michael Pakenham, became the 2nd Baron Longford. In 1785 Elizabeth was raised to the rank of Countess of Longford and on her death in 1792 her grandson (who had already acceded to the title of 3rd Baron Longford on the death of his father in 1792) became Thomas Pakenham, 2nd Earl of Longford.

The 7th Earl of Longford was created a life peer as Baron Pakenham of Cowley so that he could retain his seat in the House of Lords after the House of Lords Act of 1999.

The subsidiary titles of the present Earl of Longford are: Baron Longford (created 1756), Baron Silchester (1821) and Baron Pakenham (1945). The Earldom and Barony of Longford are in the Peerage of Ireland, while the remaining Baronies are in the Peerage of the UK

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1 Barons Aungier of Longford (1621)
2 Earls of Longford, first Creation (1677)
3 Barons Longford (1756)
4 Earls of Longford, second Creation (1785)

Barons Aungier of Longford (1621)

Earls of Longford, first Creation (1677)

Barons Longford (1756)

Earls of Longford, second Creation (1785)