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Dunedin, New Zealand

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General Information

Dunedin, New Zealand, in Otago, New Zealand is a university town (population 112,000) which snuggles into the hills and valleys round Otago Harbour. It was founded in 1848 as a Scottish settlement by the Lay Association of the Free Church of Scotland. The University of Otago is located in Dunedin and is the oldest in New Zealand, founded in 1869. Dunedin became wealthy during the central Otago goldrush which began at Gabriel's Gully near Lawrence in 1861. During the 20th century influence and activity moved north to the other centres but by the end of the century Dunedin had re-established its identity as a centre of excellence in tertiary education and research.

There are flourishing niche industries including engineering, software engineering, bio-technology and fashion. Port Chalmers on Otago Harbour provides Dunedin with deep-water port facilities.

The Dunedin Botanical Gardens is to the north of the city.

The cityscape glitters with gems of Victorian and Edwardian architecture including Larnach's Castle, Olveston, First Church and the magnificent Railway Station. Other not-to-be missed attractions are the world's steepest street (Baldwin St) the famous Captain Cook tavern, and the local Speights brewery. Tours of the Cadbury chocolate factory are popular with tourists and students alike!

Dunedin is also notable now as centre for eco-tourism, and is unique in that the world's only mainland royal albatross colony and several penguin colonies lie within the city boundaries on Otago peninsula.

The climate is moderate. Winter can be frosty and every 2 or 3 years the city enjoys a good snowfall turning it into a winter wonderland. Spring can feature "four seasons in a day" weather, but from January to June it is generally settled and mild.

Land Area

Dunedin City has a land area of 3314.8 km2. Dunedin City is the largest city in landarea in New Zealand. With the Dunedin City Council boundries extending to Middlemarch in the west, the Pacific Ocean in the east, Waikouaiti in the North and Henley in the South.


Dunedin is the city where lives David Harris, the author of
Pegasus Mail, an e-mail package. The software was initially developed while he was employed by the University of Otago.


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