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Samstock Music Festival

Samstock Music Festival is a christian music festival held annually in Otago,New Zealand. It features local and national bands and artists but is especially focused on getting unknown local Christian bands known.


Samstock Music Festival has been running since the year 2000 in the South Island of New Zealand. It started with 5 students who liked music and who didn't like the lack of good music events in New Zealand. The 5 friends set out to try and bring people together with music, Christians and non-Christians.

Originally they tried to make money for a friend who was going on a missions trip. However since the first festival did not make any money, they decided on doing it for the good times and the chance to share the great news about Jesus Christ, with people who might not have heard about it, through music.

Since 2000 the festival has been run every year except 2001. 

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