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Duck family

The Duck Family is a fictional family created by The Walt Disney Company. It's earliest member was Pintail Duck.His descedents include Humperdink Duck who married Elvira Coot and they had three children named Quackmore Duck, Daphne Duck, and Eider Duck. Quackmore married Hortense McDuck and they had two children named Donald Duck and Della Thelma Duck. Daphne married Goosetave Gander and had a son named Gladstone Gander. Eider married Lulubelle Loon and had two sons named Fethry Duck and Abner Duck ,who goes by the nickname "Whitewater". Della married someone and had three sons named Huey Dewey and Louie Duck. At least that's how it is according to Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree.