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Quackmore Duck

Quackmore Duck is one of Walt Disney's comic book characters. He was born in Duckburg, Calisota, United States on 1875 to Humperdink Duck and Elvira Coot. From an early age it was obvious he had a very nasty temper. He worked in his parents' farm till 1902 when he met Hortense McDuck and they became engaged. He started working for her brother Scrooge McDuck.

By 1908 he was helping Hortense and her sister Matilda McDuck run their brother's empire as Scrooge's chief accountant, mainly because Scrooge thought that as a possible heir he would probably work hard and stay honest. On 1920 he finally married Hortense and later in the same year became the father of twins:

He remained the chief accountant till 1930 when a fight between Scrooge and his family ended all relationships between them. Quackmore retired and it is unknown when exactly he died.