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Dragonball GT

Dragonball GT (Japanese: ドラゴンボール GT romaji:Dragon Ball GT - Doragon Booru GT) is the sequel to the anime Dragon Ball and Dragonball Z, and was the only one of the three series that was not acompanied by a manga.

Critics claim that it was created simply to "cash in" on the prequels, and the creator of the previous series was demoted to art editor. Consequently the series was not as popular as the prequels.

The story picks up from from where Goku is wished back into a child again with the Black Star Dragonballs and they must be gathered within a year or the Earth will be destroyed, thus embarking Goku and his companions through space to find the Black Star Dragonballs.

The series ends with Goku dying again, this time for good, and leaving Earth with Shenlong.

In 2003, U.S. rights to Dragonball GT was acquired by FUNimation, DVDs of Dragonball GT is currently available at stores such as Suncoast, Best Buy, and Target. Dragonball GT is expected to debut on Cartoon Network sometime in 2004, presumably on its Toonami block. Other channels will pick up Dragon Ball GT like RTL later.