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RTL is an abbreviation used in several contexts.

  1. Commonly used for "right-to-left text" -(Arabic, Hebrew) display on a webpage, and related font issues.
  2. As an abbreviation for Radio TÚlÚvision Luxembourg, it is the name of a chain of radio and television stations that are now majority-owned by Bertelsmann AG, in Germany. This includes the biggest commercial television station in Germany, also named RTL (formerly "RTL plus").
  3. In computer science, Register Transfer Language is an intermediate representation used in the GNU Compiler Collection.
  4. In computer science, Register Transfer Language is a definition of how a processor Instruction is implemented.
  5. Also in computer science, RTL is a common abbreviation for the run-time library that is used with a compiler.
  6. It stood for a now obsolete circuit design for computer logic gates: resistor-transistor logic.