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Dr. No

Dr. No is a James Bond novel by Ian Fleming, and a 1962 movie adapted from it, starring Sean Connery.

Agent 007 is assigned to investigate a British agent's disappearance in the Caribbean in Dr. No, the first James Bond film.

This film introduced many of the recurring themes associated with the suave and witty secret agent: the code name "Agent 007" ("double-O-seven", whose double-O prefix means that he is "licensed to kill"), the distinctive theme music and equally distinctive "gunbarrel" opening credits sequence, the "Bond girl" (here, Ursula Andress), exotic locales, the criminal organization S.P.E.C.T.R.E., narrow escapes, Bond's astonishing good luck and skill (including skill at gambling), an over-ambitious villain (here, Dr. No is trying to take over the world), quirky villainous henchmen, and characters with odd names (here, "M", "Honey Ryder", "Miss Moneypenny", and of course "Dr. No" himself).

In fact, many characteristics of Bond himself were introduced in this film (or, often, brought in from the books), from Bond's idiosyncratic self-introduction (as "Bond. James Bond.") to his taste for fine wine, women, and weaponry.

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