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Ursula Andress

Ursula Andress (born 19 March 1936) is an actress. She was born in Berne, Switzerland.

Ursula Andress was a major sex symbol of the 1960s. She appeared as "Honey Ryder", James Bond's object of desire in Dr. No (1962), the first James Bond film. Her stunning good looks served her well, as her introduction in Dr. No became one of the most famous Bond moments. Rising out of the Caribbean Sea singing a beautiful calypso and tossing back her beautiful blonde hair, she spots Bond. "What are you doing here?" she asks. "Looking for shells?" "No," replies Bond, admiring her suntanned body hardly covered in a white bikini, "I'm just looking." (The combination of sea, shells, and a stunning blonde has led some critics to trace the inspiration for this scene to Botticelli's Birth of Venus.)

She also appeared in the parody Bond movie Casino Royale (1967) as Vesper Lynd, occasional spy, who persuades Evelyn Tremble (Peter Sellers) to carry out a mission. Her heavy accent was dubbed over by Monica Van Der Syl in Dr. No, but she used her real voice in Casino Royale.