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DIY punk ethic

The DIY punk ethic refers to the idea of 'doing it yourself', i.e., making and promoting music without major record label backing, and without any great level of "selling out". A popular slogan of the DIY movement is "DIY not EMI", an explicit rejection of the major label of that name.

Many punk bands have embraced the DIY ethic, promoting self-organised gigs in small halls and setting up small independent record labels and distribution networks such as Flat Earth Records (based in Leeds, UK), Loony Tunes records (set up by the Scarborough, UK band Active Minds) and Profane Existence [1], a fanzine, record label and anarchist collective based in Minneapolis, USA.

Such labels and collectives tend to have relatively small outputs and sales, although there are groups who have been able to achieve levels of mainstream success whilst maintaining a fiercely independent and uncompromising stance. Notable examples include the UK band Crass and US band Fugazi.

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