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Fugazi (band)

Fugazi is a band from Washington, D.C. It is fronted by Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat and Guy Picciotto of the Rites of Spring, both of which were seminal bands of the 1980s. Through many albums on MacKaye's own independent record label, Dischord Records, and numerous tours, Fugazi has developed an experimental sound unique in the punk music scene. It is a mix of traditional rock roots blended with chaotic elements that combine noise, an inventively syncopated rhythm section, unusual chords, and emotional intensity. This style has led many critics to call their music post-hardcore, as it is seen as a progression of and a reaction to the hardcore movement. Fugazi also stand as a rare example of a band that have achieved a level of 'mainstream' success whilst remaining loyal to independent recording and distribution values, following through in the spirit of the original "DIY punk ethic".


Fugazi also produced one film, the 115 minute documentary Instrument with Jem Cohen. It is a compilation of videos taken between 1987 and 1998.

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