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Do It Yourself or DIY is home improvement done by the householder without the aid of paid professionals. The term was in fact coined in the 1960s by British TV Presenter and Craftsman Barry Bucknell. The DIY industry has grown markedly since the 1980s as DIY has become a popular weekend pastime for people wanting to improve their living conditions (and the value of their house) without the expense of paying someone to do it. There are many DIY shops to supply materials and tools.

Common DIY tasks range from:

to more advanced tasks such as: Most DIY tasks are within the range of most people who can read and follow instructions, although DIY has been responsible for an increase in injuries at home.

The DIY punk ethic involves producing music without record label backing, and without any great level of "selling out". A popular slogan of the DIY movement is "DIY not EMI". This describes an ethos of entrepeneurial spirit.

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