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Dickie Duck

Dickie Duck (Paperetta Yé-Yé in Italian) is a fictional character from the Scrooge McDuck universe created by Romano Scarpa. She was introduced as Goldie O'Gilt's granddaughter. She has become popular in Italy, Denmark, Brazil and some countries, but she is virtually unknown in the USA and others.

Goldie dropped Dickie off because she couldn't take care of her anymore. She was left in the care of Scrooge McDuck.

Sometimes she worked as a reporter for Brigitta McBridge or for Scrooge's little known brother Gideon McDuck.

In Brazil she appeared in her own series with her friends Neptunia, Olivia, Walter, and Beckett in a series of stories titled Os Adolescentes (translated loosely from Portoguese to The Teenagers) as a bonus story in Ze Carioca (a comic book starring José Carioca). The connection between Goldie and Dickie is generally ignored since they only made one appearance together.