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Goldie O'Gilt

Goldie O'Gilt (originally called Glittering Goldie) is a fictional character of the Scrooge McDuck universe. She was Scrooge McDuck's girlfriend in the Klondike when he was a prospector. She appeared in both The Uncle Scrooge comic books and in The Duck Tales TV Show.

She was created and first used by Carl Barks in the album Uncle Scrooge #2, in the story Back to the Klondike in 1953 (the only story that Barks wrote with her in it).

The character was later re-used in other artists' work, most notably that of Keno Don Rosa.

Goldie's last name, O'Gilt, was first used by Don Rosa in The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck Part 8.

Her most significant appearances in Rosa's stories were in Last Sled to Dawson, Hearts of the Yukon, King of the Klondike and A Little Something Special. She also appeared in several episodes of the 1987-88 animated Disney series Duck Tales: Back to the Klondike, Ducky Mountain High, Scroogerello and 'Til Nephews Do Us Part.

Goldie was a singer in the Blackjack Saloon in Dawson, Yukon Territory, during the great Klondike gold rush. After the gold rush she moved into Scrooge McDuck's old cabin in White Agony Valley. She later returned to Dawson and turned the Blackjack Ballroom into a tourist hotel called the Frostbit Arms.

She and Scrooge McDuck have had a long love/hate relationship, and to many fans she is his only true love.

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