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Brigitta McBridge

Brigitta McBridge is a comic book and cartoon character from the Scrooge McDuck universe created by artist Romano Scarpa for Walt Disney Corporation.

Brigitta first appeared in 1960 but her relationship with Scrooge is said to have started in 1930. The relationship didn't start well. Scrooge, who at the time had already been isolated from his family, when hearing of her feelings about him reacted quite cynically. He bought her an expensive fur coat and in excange asked her never to bother him again. This never worked. Brigitta truly loves Scrooge and for decades she has tried every method to get him to return her love. This includes stalking him which greately infuriates Scrooge. To impress him she has established her own business and at times acts as his rival. She has proven to be cunning and skilful and seems to have a very strong will. Sometimes she has Jubal Pomp helping her. Dickie Duck (Goldie's Granddaughter) is her employee.

Right from the beginning, Scarpa and his successors have left enough hints that Scrooge is interested in her but does not enjoy her obsession with him. Though, as typical with this character, he pretends to be emotionless, he is not. When she gets in trouble he is there to help her, and he has at times protected her from danger and whenever another man expresses an interest in her Scrooge seems not to be above jealousy. Though Scrooge has had chances to end their strange relationship, when she is truly frustrated with his behavior, he has instead chosen to pass them by and even apologises to her at times.

On another note, Brigitta acts as Scrooge's personal nurse whenever he is sick and has nursed him back to health on many occasions. She is among Scrooge's most trusted allies and she volunteers to help whenever he asks for it. Scrooge's relatives are quite friendly with Brigitta and seem to have accepted her as an unofficial member of the family; she is even present in family meetings. Brigitta has also helped them against the Beagle Boys and Magica De Spell at times. John D. Rockerduck is said to find his rival's relationship amusing and is himself friendly with Brigitta. Along with Goldie O'Gilt she is Scrooge's main love interest.