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Dc Talk

dc Talk is a Christian Contemporary music (CCM) band. They are among the most popular of groups to incorporate hip hop influences into their gospel-inflected rock. Their fourth album, Jesus Freak, debuted higher on the US Billboard charts than any other gospel group in history. Their latest album is Supernatural (1998; see 1998 in music).

The band started as the one man hip hop act of Toby McKeehan of Washington D.C. He met Micheal Tait at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, and they decided to turn dc Talk into a band. All three members sing, but they choose to work with the Gotees for music. Soon Kevin Max had joined the group and the trio were soon signed with Forefront Records, a popular gospel label. They moved to Nashville, TN, where they released their self-titled debut album in 1989.

dc Talk's music has won numerous Dove Awards, along with three Grammy Awards, proving that they have the ability to break down the walls between Chrisian and secular listeners. "We're very open about our Christian faith," says Toby McKeehan, "but when we make our records we want to create a musical experience that anyone can immerse themselves in." But still, he says, "one of our goals is to encourage listeners to question themselves and to seek out truth."

Recently, the trio announced that they would be attempting solo acts. Toby McKeehan, under the name tobyMac, released a hip hop album named 'Momentum' in 2002. Kevin Max and 'Tait' followed quickly with 'Stereotype Be' and 'Empty'.

In September 2002, dc Talk released a single together about September 11th, titled Let's Roll.

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