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DAS Air Cargo

DAS Air Cargo is an African cargo airline company. Formed in 1983 in Ghana, the airline started providing jet cargo services almost immediately.

Das Air Cargo uses McDonnell Douglas DC-8 and DC-10 planes. Although the DC-8's have all but been phased out for civilian passenger service, they are still widely allowed to fly cargo flights by international transportation authorities, so DAS Air Cargo is one of a group of airlines that still has them in use.

In 1990, the DAS Air Cargo USA division was opened to facilitate cargo operations in that country for the airline. That division is based in Miami, Florida, and it shares it's offices with DAS Air Cargo's main business partner, passenger charter airline Air 2000.

Apart from Air 2000, DAS Air Cargo has been able to form partnerships with such other airlines as Virgin Atlantic, Avianca, Aerolineas Argentinas, Cargolux and many others, and has had a few model airplanes produced by Schabak.