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Air 2000

air2000 is a charter airline based in England, flying mostly for the First Choice Group. The airline flies charters and scheduled flights, from 18 UK airports to 40 worldwide destinations. Subsidiary companies are air2000 Engineering, Viking Freight and Viking Aviation.

''Air2000 Airbus A321

air2000 was launched on April 11, 1987.

In 1992 the airline was given a certificate to fly scheduled passenger flights by the CAA.

In 1995, the airline faced management changes, resulting in the creation of a company named First Choice Holidays PLC.

In 2003, about two thirds of passengers on air2000 flights originated from bookings with the First Choice Holiday Group and the rest from more than 120 other tour operators.

The airline has 30 aircraft (at late 2003):
3 Boeing 767
15 Boeing 757
6 Airbus A321
6 Airbus A320

The airline has agreements with cargo airline DAS Air Cargo, and they share offices in the United States. In addition, air2000 has several model airplane manufacturers under contract, such as Wooster and Schabak.

Points of interest
The airline uses a lower case a in its title and does not use a space in its title between air and 2000

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