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Schabak is a die cast toy producer from Germany. Schabak is equally known for its line of car models and commercial airliners models, the latter of which are mostly produced in the 1:600 scale.

Schabak produces cars of all scales and has carved a name for itself in the die cast car market, although outside of Germany, competitors Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Maisto and Corgi seem to hold a small lead in the market over Schabak.

With the die cast commercial airliners line, however, Schabak seems to hold a lead over competitors such as Herpa Wings, Dragon Wings, etcetera. Counting with well over 200 airlines as customers and even producing some models in the colors of bankrupt airlines, Schabak has become a competitive name in the world of model airplaness.

Schabak was,for a long period during the 1990s, the only company known to have a contract to produce models of Iraqi Airways, having produced a Boeing 747 of that airline in the 1:250 scale.