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Connex GSM Romania

Connex GSM is the largest mobile phone network operator in Romania. Connex provides roaming agreements with 238 international operators in 103 countries. The operator is owned by MobiFon SA. Connex, launched in 1997 as the first GSM network in Romania (although not the first mobile phone network), covers 95% of the Romanian population, with over 3,000,000 subscribers and 55.97% market share.

They compete with:

The new motto of Connex is Tu faci viitorul (You create the future). The previous and more well-known motto was Connex Viitorul sună bine (The future sounds good).

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Brands of Connex

Connex, or rather MobiFon SA, owns numerous brands. They include:


Connex GSM was an innovator in the Romanian market, and, after launching in 1997, debuted many new services.

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