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Communications in Romania

Telephones - main lines in use: 3.84 million (1999)

Telephones - mobile cellular: 4,905,900 (2003), 3 GSM cellular networks covering more than 85% of the territory (about 98% of the population) as well as one CDMA network. See Connex GSM Romania and Orange networks, or Largest mobile phone companies for market share data.

Telephone system:

domestic: good, modern services in urban areas; 90% of telephone network is automatic; trunk network is mostly microwave radio relay, with some fiber-optic cable; about one-third of exchange capacity is digital; roughly 3,300 villages have no service

international: satellite earth station - 1 Intelsat; new digital international direct-dial exchanges operate in Bucharest; note - Romania is an active participant in several international telecommunication network projects (1999)

Radio broadcast stations: AM 40, FM 202, shortwave 3 (1998)

Radios: 7.2 million (1997)

Television broadcast stations: 130 (plus about 400 low-power repeaters) (1997)

Televisions: 5.25 million (1997)

Internet Service Providers (ISPs): 30 (1999)

Internet users: about 1,000,000 (2002)

Country code (Top level domain): RO

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