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Oradea (Hungarian: Nagyvárad; German:Grosswardein) is a city located in Romania, in the county of Bihor (BH), in Transylvania. The city proper has a population of 206,527 (according to the 2002 census); this does not include areas outside the municipality; they bring the total urban area population to approximately 220,000. Oradea is one of the most prosperous cities of Romania. The city is located near the Hungarian border, on the Crişul Repede river, and has a sizeable Hungarian minority population.

Table of contents
1 Ethnicity
2 Quarters
3 Transport
4 Architecture
5 Attractions


Of the total population, the following ethnic breakdown occurs, from the 2002 census:


The city is made up of the following districts called quarters (cartiere in Romanian):


The public transport network is run by OTL. It is made up of 4 tram lines and some bus lines. The city has three train stations, central, Vest and Est. Vest Station is located in the quarter of Iosia, and the central station (called simply Oradea) is located in the city centre, near the quarter of Vie.


The city has beautiful Baroque architecture. It was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire many times in history.


The beautiful city centre is worth visiting, as well as the Băile Felix health spas, accessible by train and located outside the city.