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Computer Olympiad

The Computer Olympiads are a multi-games event taking place every year in which computer programs compete against each other. The majority of the games are board games but other games such as Bridge take place as well. The Olympiad is normally held in either Maastricht or London.

For many board games the Computer Olympiads are an opportunity to take the "worlds best computer player" title.

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The Olympiad was created in the 1980s by David Levy with the first contest taking place in 1989 at the Park Lane Hotel in London.

The games ran on a yearly basis until after the 1992 games, after when the Olympiad's ruling committee was unable to find a new organiser. This resulted in the games being suspended until 2000 when the Mind Sports Olympiad resurrected them.


The games currently played are,

Games which the Olympiad would like to run but have previously been unable to due to lack of entrants,