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Codex Runicus

The Codex Runicus is one of the few runic texts found on parchment. The codex is written around year 1300 and consists a number of Danish laws, including the oldes preserved Nordic law, Skånske lov (The Scania Law) for the geographic region nowadays known as Scania.

A famous passage of the Skånske lov is:

Haui that Skanunga ærliki mææn, toco vithar oræth aldrigh ææn

Which translates into (roughly): "Scanians are honourable men who dislike unjustice."

At the end of Codex Runicus is also one of the oldes preserved folk songs with notes, Drømte mig en drøm i nat (I dreamt a dream tonight), about a girl who dreams about becoming a rich woman. This melody was used as a jingle in Danish radio for more than 50 years. The text reads:

Drømde mik en drøm i nat,
um silki ok ærlik pæl

(I dreamt a dream last night, of silk and fine fur.)

Codex Runicus has number AM 28 8vo and is stored in Copenhagen.

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