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CNN Headline News

CNN Headline News is a spin-off network from the original Cable News Network (CNN) television news network in the United States.

Unlike CNN, which broadcasts a variety of news related programs, such as documentaries and personality-based shows like Larry King and Crossfire, CNN Headline News focuses only on news updates.

Headline stories are repeated every 10 minutes, with brief sports and entertainment breaks every half-hour. The station's format is fairly static, with broadcasters simply reading news stories, accentuated by footage. CNN News is famous for its distinct "screen," in which the news anchor (or news footage) appears in a sort of visual "window" surrounded by constantly-changing text, such as breaking news, sports scores, stock market reports, and weather updates.

The network is quite popular with people who may not have time for lengthy news reports. TVs playing CNN Headline News can often be found in airports, barss, and other places where there is a high demand for this type of "get to the point" news.